If you want something that makes you think as well as entertains, you won’t be disappointed.

Divas Reviews


This is a story of redemption. Should be read in one breath.

Edmund-Louis Simoneau, Journalist/Writer
Former chair — Institute of Advanced Studies of National Defense, Paris, France


A modern swashbuckling tale set in a modern-day conflict. A riveting read that will be hard to put down.

Midwest Book Review


Should be Book of the Month Club and NY Times Top Ten.

William Brooks, Contributing Editor — Soldier of Fortune magazine
82d Airborne, Vietnam; French Foreign Legion, French Territory of Afars & Issas


Well done, riveting. A wonderful evocation of Ruark’s ‘Something of Value’ and the movie, ‘The Deer Hunter,’ with the bonus of insight into the development of the combat photographer.

Daniel Eliseuson, Past President — Int’l Combat Camera Assoc.
Life member — U.S.M.C. Combat Correspondents Assoc.


Not a typical war story, but one that makes it clear the author knows his subject intimately and isn’t afraid to share. Intelligent and thought provoking about so much more than war.

Suzy Rigsby, MA, Asst. Professor of English — Woosong University, S. Korea


Masterful writing. The comments about race a reflection of the society in which we live.

Ismael Hakim, Ph. D., Professor of Education — Grand Valley State University


Great book! Chet Green is a consummate writer with an expertise in description and phonetically vernacular dialogue. A well-written, -edited and -researched novel with a social-issue message.

Kaye Trout Book Reviews


Well written and well researched with an excellent story line. Sad that little has really changed in the Horn of Africa in the 40 years since the time of the story.

Bill Sullivan, retired Public Relations Executive

Reporter — Washington Post; Richmond (VA) Times-Dispatch

Correspondent — Executive Business Media, Saigon, Vietnam